IT Support

In today's technology based world nothing is more important than being connected with your customers and clients. Let's face it, not everyone can afford to hire a full time IT staff. That is where we come in. We make sure you get all the perks of a dedicated IT professional with as little cost as possible. Remote support, device management, and even 24/7 monitoring can be yours!


From security cameras to door locks we work within your budget to bring you the best security solutions. We use various brands and can work with tons of brands and vendors. No matter what you need we can provide set up and provide service for all of your security needs.

Networking Support

What the heck is a wifi anyway? From install to maintenance we can get you up and running with the latest technology to keep you connected at the fastest speeds possible. We have experience in various methods of network deployment including Microtik and Ubiquity. We can even monitor your network for issues and help you stay secure!

Smart Home

Google, Alexa, Siri oh my! Don't be intimidated by trying to figure out how to get everything working. Contact us and we can help you make your home the smartest home on the block. Studies have shown that you can pay off your entire smart home in a year! The energy savings alone are worth it, not to mention the convenience of turning every light off in your house from bed, or opening the garage door for a friend while your sitting 1000 miles away on a beach!

PC Hardware Support

From gaming to business let us help you make the most of your budget. We can help you keep your computer clean or even help you pick up the hardware for a new build. Give us a budget and what you need and we will find you a solution! Don't throw that laptop across the room! We can fix it and even get it running like new! From broken screens to helping you pick out the right computers for your work load let us help you get the most of your budget.

VPS and Cpanel Hosting

Together with our partnership with eVAL Agency in Columbus, Ohio we are able to provide Cpanel and Virtual Server hosting. If you need a dedicated website or solution and you need someone there to help you keep it up to date and functioning look no further!

Online Marketing

Many customers are finding small businesses with their cell phones. We can help you increase the amount of customers that find you using tools such as Search Engine Optimization and Social Media. We can also build you a professional website that can help you get your message out to your customers. Not only do you receive a quality website but you also receive ongoing support and maintenance! Get off the ground and into the cloud with us today! Check out our work Red Angel, Marigold Inn, or even Komputer Geeks.

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